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Shrago is currently in progress of constructing two different restaurants. One is a remodeling of hotdog stand, The Mean Wiener, in Highwood Il. The second is a new fish restaurant he is constructing right next to The Mean Wiener, which is going to be called, Lucky Fish Deli. Shrago came up with the name himself. Owner of both restaurants and well known deli, Once Upon a Bagel, Gerry Geffen had this to say about Shrago: “Bob has constructed many beautiful homes in the past and from his outstanding reputation, I decided to use him for both of this projects.” The Geffen-Shrago relationship started about 2 years ago when Geffen had Shrago construct another Once Upon a Bagel in Winnettka, Il. Geffen loved the work so much that he had Shrago design and build his next two projects. In The Mean Wiener a remodel of the kitchen, walls, ceiling,tile, and furniture is taking place. All while, right next door, at the old Mean Wiener storage garage, the construction of Lucky Fish Deli is taking place. Both projects are scheduled to be completed in the fall.